Ian, Rosie, Kibo and Jasmine

Jayne, Kibo and Kirei along Wenlock Edge,
a local beauty spot

Who Are We

We are Ian and Jayne Hood, founders of Windberg Alaskan Malamutes. We live just outside the tourist village of Ironbridge in Shropshire from where we run our busy kennels and cattery business. We have been involved with Alaskan Malamutes for 17 years and currently own seven, two males and five females. Our dogs spend each and every day with us in the kennels while we work, where they meet our customers and staff and greet our boarders with great noise and gusto. In the evenings they walk and run in the Shropshire countryside, and at night they sleep in the house with us.. They are involved with every aspect of our lives and we expect them to share everything we do.

We do not breed often, only when we want a puppy for show purposes for ourselves. Our breedings are carefully thought out and we never breed simply to produce puppies. Our breeding dogs are hip scored and eye tested to the breed standard. Only those dogs who have clear eyes tests and low hip scores will be bred from and our bitches are never bred from until they are two years old. Any stud dogs we choose are expected to have the same good test results and come from excellent lines. We are members of the AMCUK and SHCGB and Ian judges at companion dog shows throughout the region during the summer.

Malamutes – the best breed

There are plenty of dog breeds in the world, but the Alaskan malamute is a unique companion for every household. Due to its amazing intelligence, large stature, unique features that resemble the wolves and playful attitude, the Malamutes are highly treasured no matter the age group. Whether you look for a mascot for your family, or you want one that can learn great things, this breed is the perfect choice for you. Spend your time together and you will not get bored.

Named after an Alaskan tribe, the Malamutes have been used as sled dogs in tough climates. They can pull heavy weights all day and on every terrain surface. From sleds, hiking to jogging, these canines need a large amount of exercise so that they can make use of their incredible energy. If you are an active person, this four legged friend can accompany you every time of the day. Keep in mind that he requires a serious workout routine daily.

As one of the oldest dog breeds, the Malamutes’ features have mainly stayed the same throughout time. Their coat colors range from black, gray, white and red. Because they are very stubborn, it can be a little tricky when you train them, but with proper techniques they can turn into the best canine presence for when you will go out with some escorts from http://www.eros.com. As soon as you bring your pet home, teach him who the alpha the house is, or otherwise he might assume the role.

In case you want a dog for your kids, give the Malamute a chance and you will not regret it. Although he may look imposing at first sight due to his size, he is rather friendly, protective and is very affectionate. You children will like his joyous side and constant need of activity. He likes to stay on the carpet when you watch TV, or play with your little ones. Use your backyard for fun activities and engage all your family.

Because they are relatively an independent breed, these canine partners should be trained with patience and consistency. If you do not offer your pup enough exercise, he will get bored and howl or chew whatever he finds. Because he loves jobs and is very talented, this dog has taken part in different activities like rescue, sledding, weight pulling and more. Pick your pet from Windberg Alaskan Malamutes and create the best memories for you and your family members.

The Alaskan malamutes are relatively quiet and bark less than others, but they like to express themselves through howls. Grooming is not a problem for them and you need to brush daily when the seasons makes them shed more. Make sure you keep them out of the summer heat, because they are very sensitive to it and prefer cold climates. Provide them with cold water, air conditioning and avoid heavy exercise in the middle of the day.

In general, this breed is a healthy one and you do not have to bear the cost of heavy vet bills. Malamutes are the best breed if you are an outdoor type of person. Go for a walk, a swim or play a game with your little friend. If you want a dog that is loyal to you and adores the youngsters, do not hesitate and choose the Alaskan malamute. Share a happy life with a one-of-a-kind four legged buddy!